Early 1900s Glass Scarab Ring, 10K Gold, Inscribed “12/18 All alone" $425

The inscription reads “12/18  All alone;” the numbers are ostensibly for December of 1918. The “all alone” is so intriguing. Maybe an inside joke between the giver and the receiver. But there’s something about the combination of the scarab’s symbolism of rebirth and the existential message inside that suggests something weightier and more peculiar. But we’ll never know what it means, which is why I love finding jewelry with odd old inscriptions— you have to make your own meaning.

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Well, I’m flattered. And that… happens, when you work with people. But it’s not real.

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Make a huge rice-cooker blueberry pancake? YES PLEASE:

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What kind of parent are you? French, tiger, attachment, free range, mindful or hand in hand? 

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The Tucson Sunsets are the only ones that matter #nofilter #tucson #sunset

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Unknown artist, Portrait of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his daughter Sophie (detail)

20th century

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Best New Cookbooks of September 2014

  • Seriously Delish by Jessica Merchant
  • MEAT by Pat LaFrieda
  • Food & Wine: Best of the Best, Vol. 17 Edited By Dana Cowin
  • Pastry by Nick Malgieri
  • One Pot by Martha Stewart Living

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An appropriate response

reasons why scrubs was and is my fav sitcom

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